Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation
  • Arctic Council
  • Nefco
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Conversion of the selected enterprises to ozone- and climate-safe substances and technologies


The survey held under Phase 1 revealed the following data on ODSs and F-gases used in refrigeration equipment of vessels and onshore enterprises of the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast:

  Onshore enterprises Vessels Total
ODP t 6.91 25.57 32.48
t СO2-eq. 222,540.5 778,303.1 1,000,843.59

The average annual refrigerant leakage at onshore enterprises is estimated at 0.79 ODP t and 24,669.13 t СO2-eq.

Extra 73.45 t СO2-eq are emitted annually as a result of electrical power generation for refrigeration equipment of onshore fishing enterprises in the Murmansk oblast.

Component activities

Refrigeration equipment of the enterprises selected during Phase 1 will be converted to ozone- and climate-safe substances and technologies. Through these activities, ODSs and F-gases will be phased out directly, and other enterprises of the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast and the whole Russian Arctic zone will see the potential and outcomes of the conversion.

Two companies were selected as beneficiaries of this project component: LLC Fishing company "Polar Sea+" and LLC MurmanStroy.

The planned component activities are:

  • developing design specifications and estimates for conversion of the equipment at the selected enterprises to ozone- and climate-safe substances and technologies;
  • purchasing, manufacturing, and suppling primary and extra equipment;
  • installing, commissioning, and performing other works according to the design specifications and estimates;
  • purchasing safety equipment and taking safety measures according to the selected technology;
  • obtaining permits;
  • recovering ODS and F-gases for destruction or recycling;
  • dismantling and disposing of old equipment;
  • improving energy efficiency.

The activities will be financed by the Arctic Council Project Support Instrument and co-financed by the beneficiaries themselves.

Outcomes of the Project

The conversion of two Murmansk oblast fishing enterprises to ozone- and climate-safe technologies and substances will phase out 1.77 ODP t and 59,283 t СO2-eq. of ODSs and F-gases.

The converted enterprises will demonstrate environmentally safe technologies suitable for the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast and the whole Russian Arctic Zone.

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