Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation
  • Arctic Council
  • Nefco
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Arctic Council project on the phase-out of ODS and F-gases in the fishing industry of the Murmansk Oblast

The Project “Phase-out of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases and Ozone-Depleting Substances at Fish and Seafood Processing Enterprises of the Murmansk Oblast (Arctic Zone of the Russian Federation)” is aimed to help in solving environmental problems and ensuring sustainable development of the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast. The experience that will be gained through the Project can be applied in other regions and industries.

Project objectives and targets

The Project is expected to phase out approximately 18.65 ODP tons of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and in 5 years reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 308 thousand t CO2-eq. To achieve these objectives and targets, ODS and F-gas consumption Read more

Organizational Structure of the Project

The Project was initiated by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation and is financed by the grant of the Arctic Council Project Support Instrument. The Project’s financial manager is the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (Nefco), and the implementing agency is the International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI). Read more Read more

Project components

The Project activities are grouped by eight components and include: developing the draft regional program on phase-out of ODSs and F-gases, converting large and small enterprises to ozone- and climate-safe technologies and substances, establishing an ODS and F-gas recycling and disposal system, and a training center, surveying consumption of ODS and F-gases, public awareness, and disseminating the experience gained through the Project. Read more

Recipients of technical assistance

The careful selection allowed defining technical assistance recipients, enterprises of the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast interested in conversion from ODSs and F-gases to environmentally safe substances and technologies. One of the indispensable conditions of their participation in the Project is the use of own funds as co-financing. Read more

Project schedule

The section shows the Project schedule in graphic form. Read more

Technologies for the fishing industry

The section overviews refrigeration technologies used at enterprises and vessels of the fishing industry. Read more


The Project partners are state, non-governmental and commercial organizations that contribute to its implementation on a non-commercial basis. Read more

Social and economic impact of the Project

The implementation of the Project results in creation of new jobs, enhancement of productivity, creation of conditions for vocational education, reduction of the negative impact on the environment and human health, all of which contribute to the solution of many economic, social, and environmental problems. Read more

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