Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation
  • Arctic Council
  • Nefco
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Small enterprises of the Murmansk oblast

Background and rationale of selection

Background by sectors

Fishing fleet

The fishing fleet of the Murmansk oblast counts around 200 vessels, more than half of them have already reached the service life limit. With wear and tear, low energy efficiency of their refrigeration equipment, and no regional ODS disposal system, the vessels become a large source of emissions of ODSs and F-gases both during operation and at decommissioning.

However, activities to prevent leakages of the substances and improve energy efficiency are more economically viable than the conversion to substances and technologies that do not deplete the ozone layer or increase global warming.

Onshore fish-processing

The oblast’s sector of onshore fish-processing incorporates medium and large enterprises and about 130 small and microbusinesses. Most onshore fish-processing facilities, i.e. processing lines and cold stores, are equipped with refrigerating plants containing ODSs and F-gases, and the leakages are huge due to critical wear and tear.

Servicing enterprises

With the transition of the fishing industry to ozone- and climate-safe technologies and substances, servicing enterprises that repair and service onboard and onshore refrigeration equipment need relevant tools and facilities to offer environmentally safe installation, repair and maintenance works, handle alternative refrigerants, and have their personnel trained.

Selection criteria and results

To select technical assistance recipients for the component Small grants programme of Phase 2, the below criteria were used:

  • the enterprise uses ODSs or F-gases,
  • the enterprise possesses typical equipment,
  • the enterprise is financially sound,
  • the enterprise is ready for activities of the Project,
  • the enterprise agrees to grant access for visitors to familiarize themselves with the conversion results,
  • the enterprise is located near transportation routes.

The selected participants of the small grants programme are:

  • fishing sector: LLC Pelaghika,
  • onshore fish-processing sector: LLC TD Samson-trade,
  • servicing sector: LLC Ref-Technologies, LLC Klimat i Komfort, LLC Ref-Master, LLC SPS-Kholod-Murmansk.

Tasks to be solved

Under the small grants programme, standard small cold stores in the onshore sector will be converted to ozone- and climate-safe substances and technologies, the servicing sector will be supported in transition to environmentally sound alternative technologies, ODS and F-gas leakages from onboard refrigeration equipment will be reduced, and energy efficiency of the equipment will be improved.

The component is expected to phase out 2.99 ODP t of ODSs and F-gases and 168,673.8 t CO2-eq.

The component is financed by the Arctic Council Project Support Instrument and co-financed by the technical aid recipients.

LLC Pelaghika

  • The grant covers the supply of equipment, machinery, and spare parts to reduce ODS and F-gas leakages and improve energy efficiency of a fishing ship (Karelia, РТМК-С AК-0749).
  • Co-financing covers:
    • installation and maintenance of the supplied equipment and machinery;
    • regular administrative and technical measures to minimize refrigerant leakage and improve energy efficiency;
    • regular professional development in the field of reducing ODS and F-gas leakages and improving energy efficiency, for the personnel;
    • dissemination of the experience in reduction of ODS and F-gas leakages and improvement of energy efficiency, to other enterprises of the holding, Karelia fishing fleet.

LLC TD Samson-trade

Cold stores of this enterprise will be equipped with new refrigeration supply systems based on CO2 (R-744) transcritical machines.

LLC Ref-Technologies, LLC Klimat i Komfort, LLC Ref-Master, and LLC SPS-Kholod-Murmansk

  • The grant covers the supply of servicing equipment and tools to install, repair and maintain refrigeration systems and handle natural refrigerants in an environmentally safe manner.
  • The co-financing covers the supply of safety aids for the personnel, maintenance of the supplied equipment and tools, the performance of necessary servicing operations, the purchase of consumables, instruments, tools and equipment, training to prevent leakages and work with natural refrigerants.

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