Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation
  • Arctic Council
  • Nefco
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Public awareness in the Murmansk oblast


Phase 1 of the Project revealed an exceptionally low level of public awareness of the environmental harm that ODSs and F-gases used in the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast cause and of the relevant current and expected restrictions on the management of these substances.

Component activities

The planned component activities are:

  • creating and supporting the information web portal with:
    • information about the Project and its organizers,
    • Russian and international legislation on protection of the ozone layer and climate,
    • environmentally friendly refrigeration technologies for the fishing industry of the Murmansk oblast,
    • recommendations on improvement of energy efficiency of refrigeration systems,
    • information about activities and their outcomes,
    • electronic library,
    • digital reporting system;
  • organizing various activities, inter alia as part of regional trade exhibitions, including the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Murmansk oblast;
  • manufacturing and distributing information and promotional products with the Project logos.

ICSTI is expected to maintain the web portal five years after the completion of the Project.

Outcomes of the Project

With the implementation of this component, the level of public awareness in the Murmansk oblast will raise which would promote transfer to ozone- and climate-safe technologies.

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