Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation
  • Arctic Council
  • Nefco
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Project Schedule

Project Duration

The Project schedule ensures fulfillment by the Russian Federation of its commitments under the Montreal Protocol within the established time limit. This implies reduction by 2015 of HCFCs consumption by 90% of the base level, down to 399.6 tons of ODP in absolute figures.

Besides, by 2020 the Russian Federation intends to reduce energy consumption in the industry—today it is 3 times lower than in developed countries—by 40% from the level of 2007.

HCFC Reduction Consumption Schedule for the Russian Federation (requirements of the Montreal Protocol)

1989 base year
1996 freezing
2004 reduction by 35%
2010 reduction by 75%
2015 reduction by 90%
2020 reduction by 99,5%
2030 reduction by 100%

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