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Two NEW Smartphone applications

December 27, 2018

Refrigerant Identifier Video Series

Refrigerant Identifier Video Series

Guidance on how to identify refrigerants using a refrigerant identifier.

This new OzonAction video series consists of short instructional videos showing how to use and maintain a refrigerant identifier.

The videos provide useful guidance on safety and best practice, understanding the difference between different identifier units, testing procedures and identification of results.

It is intended for use by Montreal Protocol National Ozone Officers, Customs and Enforcement Officers as well as technicians involved in the servicing and maintenance of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

The application features 10 short instructional videos on the following topics:

  • Refrigerant cylinder types
  • Types of identifiers
  • Getting to know your identifier
  • Safety and precautions
  • Testing a sample – vapour (gas)
  • Testing a sample – liquid
  • Results
  • Faults & error messages
  • Maintaining the unit
  • Software updates

Available for free on the Google play store (Apple version coming soon). Search for “UNEP Refrigerant ID” or use the QR code

Refrigerant Identifier Video Series

Good Servicing Flammable Refrigerants Quick Guide

Good Servicing Flammable Refrigerants Quick Guide

This is the electronic and interactive version of the UN Environment OzonAction Quick Guide on Good Servicing Practices for Flammable Refrigerants.

It offers easy reference to the key safety classification and technical properties of flammable refrigerants that are available in the market. It also provides important safety guidance for the installation and servicing of room air-conditioners designed to use flammable refrigerants.

This interactive guide allows you to scroll and browse the text, jump to specific chapters or use the comprehensive dynamic index to locate specific keywords, figures and tables.

The application also includes a refrigerant charge size calculator and a room size calculator for flammable refrigerants.

Available for free on the Google play store (Apple version coming soon). Search for “UNEP Quick guide” or use the QR code.

Good Servicing Flammable Refrigerants Quick Guide

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