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UNIDO takes part in the opening of the Microclimate and Building Automation Center in Moscow

May 31, 2012

On June 19, 2012, the Microclimate and Building Automation Center operating on the basis of engineering college No. 19 will be opened in Moscow.

The Microclimate and Building Automation Center (проф is a unique project with the most advanced and environmentally-safe microclimate and building automation systems. The Center is aimed at contribution to revival of blue-collar jobs in the area of HVAC and building automation in the Russian Federation.

The first steps towards creation of the Center were taken two years ago when first air-conditioning, ventilation and green building classes were opened on the basis of Novogireevo branch of engineering college No. 19, and its training workshops were upgraded. Since then more than 100 school leavers and 500 adults, including deputy ministers from various Russian regions, acquired new professions.

After the opening of the second branch at Preobrazhenskaya metro station supported by UNIDO, the unique Microclimate and Building Automation Center was established.

At the Center, school leavers receive training in shortage professions for free and got employed at leading service and building companies. Adults can acquire new professions and upgrade their professional skills. The Center is used as a demonstration base for new environmentally-safe and energy-efficient technologies as well as for holding of trade conferences. It was also supported by NP Center of environmental certification GREEN STANDARDS and the Russian Energy Agency of the Russian Ministry of Energy. Such companies as Samsung Electronics, Daikin, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Ariston, Camfil Farr, FlactWoods, Remak, Testo Rus, Clivet, Building Automation Center took part in the creation of the Center. The project was moderated by media-consulting agency ADV2ADV.

The Center is expected to contribute to solution of many tasks, some of them are as follows: creation of the HVAC&R personnel training system, training of specialists in environmentally-safe techniques of ODS and GHG handling, laying of foundations of the green building, use of up-to-date automatics to improve energy-efficiency performance of engineering systems. Its positive experience attracted attention of a number of Russian regions.

At the earliest stages of its establishment, the Center was supported by UNIDO. Qualified specialists facilitated its organization. They assisted in setting things going and entering into cooperation with representatives of the business community. The Center was granted international training programmes and manuals which are currently being translated into Russian and adapted to Russia’s realias. The Center classrooms will be supplied with equipment for environmentally-safe destruction of ODSs. The territory of the college became the venue of the Ozone Day which is celebrated in 160 countries of the world. The event was organized by UNIDO together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Global Environment Facility. In the immediate future, the college territory will become the venue of celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol which will include project work competitions.

Greeting of Sergey Korotkov, head of the UNIDO Centre for International Industrial Cooperation in the Russian Federation

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