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Gas Card Tool: Web-based Visual Printable Cards of Refrigerant Gases

November 10, 2021

Gas Card Tool: Web-based Visual Printable Cards of Refrigerant Gases

Gas Card Tool: Web-based Visual Printable Cards of Refrigerant Gases developed by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) OzonAction, to provide engineers, workers, and technicians with easily accessible information on substances/ gases that they are working with or handling in the workplace on visual printable cards.

Content of Gas Cards—Each Gas Card is printable (in PDF or image format) and includes the following information about each substance/gas:
a) General Characteristics (Chemical name, formula and type, ASHRAE designation, Trade names, Harmonized System (HS) codes, Chemical Abstract Service (CAS), United Nations (UN) numbers, Blend/ mixture components, Montreal Protocol Annex and Control measures, main usage, etc.)
b) Gas Performance—Radar Chart (in terms of: Ozone depleting potential-ODP, Global warming potential- GWP, Toxicity Class & Flammability Class) c) Environmental and Safety Impact, and Safety Impact (with visualization of Toxicity & Flammability Class, Hazardous Symbols).

More Information—The Gas Card web based tool is part of UNEP OzonAction’s portfolio of activities and tools to assist various stakeholders in developing countries, including customs officers and technicians, to achieve and maintain compliance with the Montreal Protocol on Substances the Deplete the Ozone Layer. In the left navigation bar of the Gas Card tool web page, you will find a list of commonly used HFCs and HFC Blends in different sectors.

Using the Gas Gard web-based tool

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