Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation
  • Arctic Council
  • Nefco
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation

Project components

The Center to be established under the Project operates in the following areas:

1. Training, attestation and certification of technical personnel of the refrigerating and air-conditioning sectors

Engineers and servicing technicians working with systems based on natural refrigerants may undergo theoretical and practical training with certification. This is made possible due to purpose-made programmes developed with due regard of the Center’s specifics.

Design and development engineers from various sub-sectors of the refrigerating and air-conditioning industries may take advantage of the library of manuals and standards on work with environmentally sound refrigerants and undergo online training.

Small and medium business engaged in design and installation of commercial refrigerating equipment may acquire knowledge of ozone- and climate-safe refrigerants and technologies.

2. Free consulting and design expertise of refrigerating and air-conditioning systems

Public and private sectors may consult on various issues related to refrigerating and air-conditioning equipment that does not contain ozone-depleting substances and greenhouse gases: design, development, monitoring and performance and energy efficiency diagnosis, servicing, repair and upgrade to reduce climate effect.

3. Development of regulations

The Project offers support to development of national strategies to adapt the refrigerating and air-conditioning sectors to the reality. This activity affects training programmes, codes of practice, rules and requirements facilitating transition to eco-friendly refrigerants and complying with progressive provisions of European regulations on F-gases.

4. Implementation of demo refrigerating and air-conditioning systems based on low-GWP refrigerants

Exhibitions at the Center allow producers to present and promote air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment based on technologies and substances that do not destroy the ozone layer nor contribute to the global warming.

A demo refrigerating system based on natural refrigerants is erected at the Center.

A standard production line dedicated to operations with flammable natural refrigerants will be established for mechanical engineers and field personnel involved in transition of existing production facilities to ozone- and climate-safe technologies to improve their welding, soldering, leakage search and test skills by practice.

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