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Phase-out of ozone-depleting substances
and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the Russian Federation

Component “Technology Transfer to Russian Enterprises”

Technology Transfer to Russian Enterprises


Within the framework of the component, help will be rendered to Russian manufacturers and producers of refrigerating equipment and foam materials in transition to the use of ozone-friendly substances and technologies. Technologies transfer will be performed via mechanisms of UNIDO and the Best Practices Center. UNIDO’s approaches tried in a number of countries will make it possible to use existing production equipment avoiding significant modernization costs. Thus, technologies of low-cost replacement of HCFC-141b (which is not produced in Russia) with methyl formate—minor product of natural and associated gas processing—have already been tried in RSA, Brazil, Mexico and USA. Within the framework of the Project, technical support to 3 or 4 system houses is provided with regards to development, adaptation and implementation of ozone-friendly formulas of components used in foam production. Such components are consumed by hundreds of Russian production facilities from throughout Russia.