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Component “HCFC Phase Out in the Foam Sector”


The Project intends HCFCs phase out in the foam production sector (sandwich-panels and preinsulated tubes). Using cyclopentane as an alternative to HCFC-141b and HCFC-22 will be tested at 3 or 4 production facilities, such technological conversion being made through purchase of new or modernization of existing equipment.

Besides, as an alternative to HCFC-141b, hydrocarbons, liquid carbon dioxide, water and methyl formate are offered.

When phasing-out HCFCs at system houses environmentally safe substances are suggested for use.

HCFC Phase Out in the Foam Sector

Official web-site of UNIDO/GEF Project No. GF/RUS/11/001—Phase Out of HCFCs and Promotion of HFC-Free Energy Efficient Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Systems in the Russian Federation Through Technology Transfer